I'm hooked.

Anonymous asked: i love this idea but can you send me the directions on how to crochet these mini booties?

Thank you! The pattern to the baby booties were in my previous blog. You can check it out here. I also added pictures so you can see how each round is supposed to look. Enjoy!

allaboutami asked: Thanks for your message, Kay :) I still remember seeing your post on all those adorable baby shoes and clothes you made in preparation for your baby-to-come! I can't believe we're having a baby too- we are sooo excited! I've been relaxing and crocheting a lot, and we cannot wait to meet our baby! Thanks again for your warm wishes :D

^^ She inspired me & gave me the courage to post my creations here on Tumblr! Congrats again, Stephanie!

Anonymous asked: Hi there, I love crochet but I don't understand just by reading. I can understand like the one shown in the Japanese book. I would like to crochet for new babies just for myself and I guess it's a satisfaction when we can get it done. Do you have any diagrams, chart anything for me. :)

Hi. Thank you! No, unfortunately I do not have any diagrams / charts for the baby booties. I honestly don’t understand charts & diagrams so I stick to actual written patterns. You can check out Etsy.com, I’m sure they have some there. Hope that helps! :)

Anonymous asked: how do you make the cute little bear cupcake? I'm dying to know so i can make one and put it on a key chain.

what bear cupcake are you referring to? I lost my notebook with ALL of my patterns so I’ll have to see if I can re-create it.


I made these baby booties as party favors for my baby shower last May. Ever since I posted pictures of them, I’ve gotten tons of request on how to make them. Unfortunately at the time, I didn’t write down the pattern & quickly forgot how to make them. It wasn’t until last week when I found an extra baby bootie that I decided to go back & write the pattern down. So after almost a year of waiting, here’s the pattern to my very own baby booties party favor!

^^ Materials to make the baby bootie: yarn of your choice (i’m using red heart super saver), a G-hook, stitch marker (optional), embellishment (i’m using a flower), glue gun, & scissors.

^^ For the keychain, I purchased chain links & key rings from AC Moore & made my very own keychains using pliers. :) I then bought charms such as pacifiers & diaper pins from Party City to add to the keychains! As for the labels, I bought colored paper, flower foam stickers, & squiggly scissors from AC Moore. I typed up the labels on Microsoft Word & printed them out, attached the stickers, cut them out, & along with the charms, attached it to the keychain with a ribbon.


Base of the bootie: ch8, dc on third ch, 4dc, 6dc in the next ch, working on the other side of the ch, 4dc, 3dc in last ch, ss.

First row (working on the back loops only): ch1, 5sc, dc2tog, dc2tog, dc2tog, 7sc, ss.

Second row (working on both loops): ch1, 4sc, hdc2tog, hdc2tog, 7sc, ss, f/o.

Final touches: Using your glue gun, apply an embellishment of your choosing! :)

So there you have it, your very own DIY baby booties! If you have any questions about the pattern or found any errors, please let me know. Enjoy!

Anonymous asked: Hi, your crocheting is lovely. I especially like the booties you made for your baby. Can you direct me to the Etsy site you found the pattern for the croc - like booties? I love them and would love to make some. Thank you. Peggy M

Hi Peggy. Here’s the link to the croc baby booties! :)

allaboutami asked: Hey Kay! It's so good to hear from you! I'm really happy to hear that my dragon has inspired you :) I can only imagine how life must be so different/busy now with a little baby girl, but I do hope you manage to find some time to pursue your hobby and passion of crocheting again! You are so good at it :) I still remember all those beautiful baby shoes you made! You were the first person to ever show me a pic of their work using my patterns! I've loved connecting with ppl like you! Thanks!


Tumblr ask questions..

For some reason, everytime I try to answer questions from my ‘tumblr ask’ box, it won’t let me so I guess I’ll try to answer them all here.

Questions regarding baby shower baby booties:

I made those baby booties while I was pregnant & made all 40 in one sitting. I didn’t write down the pattern because at the time I had it memorized. Unfortunately I don’t remember the pattern anymore but am working on figuring it out. So, to those who are interested, stay tuned.

Questions regarding shoes I made for my daughter:

Most of the patterns for the baby booties were bought from Etsy.com & because of copyright issues, I’m am not allowed to share them with others. I hope you guys understand!

Not questions, but compliments about my page:

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! It means a lot to have people appreciate my work & to have followers who shares the same love for crocheting as I do. :)


I don’t even know where to begin.

My last post was about my baby shower that was 3 weeks away (May 2011). It’s been 8 months since that said baby shower & so much has happened.

As most of you know, I gave birth in June of 2011 to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Since then my life has hasn’t been the same. I also finally got married at the end of June, so I am now a Mrs. rather than a Miss & on July of 2011, I turned 22. So many happy milestones, so much changes & with it.. I had to adapt. All of a sudden I was a mom. I was breastfeeding exclusively & took care of her 24/7 while my husband went to work during the day. As I took care of daughter & my new family, it left me no spare time to do the things I used to love.

Confession: I haven’t touched a crochet hook since the birth of my baby which explains why I have no recent post. So forgive me. But, with the new year, one of my resolution is to once again start crocheting. :)

It’s time for baby’s nap time but I’ll be back soon. :)

- Kay!

bookworm-mar asked: Just came across your blog through Stephanie (All About Ami)!!
Love all the work you do, totally adorable!!

Thank you! That’s very sweet of you.. :)