I'm hooked.


Lately I’ve been obsessed with crocheting purses, clutches, & mini makeup bags but the unending repetitive stitches quickly left me bored and unmotivated. So I decided to take a break and as I was browsing online for a new project, I came across Stephanie’s ALL ABOUT AMI blog & found a pattern to the cutest amigurumi bear. Check out her blog, she has some pretty neat things. Also, the amigurumi bear pattern is free! So I decided to jump the bandwagon & make my very own bear as well! :)

Here’s how my version of the bear came out:

Isn’t he adorable? I have yet to name him. Any suggestions?

Also, my choice for making him grey wasn’t for any special reason, I simply didn’t have tan yarn. :) 

I’m not going to lie, making amigurumi is tedious— so many pieces, so much work and at one point I found myself giving up on making this cute bear but with the push from my fiance, I finally finished him. 

I started working on the bear around 8pm last night & finally finished at 6:30am, that was only because I only worked on the bear during my “free” time in between my studies, going out with my little sister, making dinner, eating, watching Jersey Shore, cleaning, etc.

So below are the tools that I used, along with pictures of my progress along the way. Enjoy! :)

^ Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Grey Heather, polyester fiberfill for stuffing, black thread, felt (I was stuck between tan & white), 12mm eyes, C hook, E hook, a yarning needle, scissors, a slicker brush, & a glue gun.

^ I first worked on the head, then after stuffing him I added the eyes & then vigorously brushed him with a slicker brush. This is the end result! :)

^After the head, I crocheted his ears. I brushed it with a slicker brush then sewed it to his head. 

Then I wanted to work on his nose but couldn’t decide between using a white or tan felt, so I took a picture of both. What do you prefer?

^In the end I went with white felt. I attached it using a glue gun.

^Here are his arms/hands.

^Then I worked on his body & made it all fuzzy with a slicker brush, just like his head and ears, and before sewing it to his head I attached the arms. Almost done! :)

At this point I was exhausted & thought about giving up on him, but my fiance pushed me to finish him. I was so close! So I quickly made his legs/feet, added some final touches, and tada, my bear was born!

I hope you all liked myfirst official tumblr post & my version of allaboutami’s amigurumi bear. Special thanks to her for posting a pattern for this cute bear! 

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