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Jan & Feb 2011 project- all things baby girl!

A couple months after getting the news that I was pregnant, I started thinking what if I could crochet the baby some things before his/her arrival. At the time we didn’t know if she was a boy or a girl so I only made two pairs of baby booties (not pictured). I quickly became bored because I didn’t want to make baby booties in gender neutral colors and boring styles— I wanted to know if I was making it for a baby boy or baby girl!

Finally, in January we found out that our first born would be a BABY GIRL! I was ecstatic! I quickly jumped back on the bandwagon & started making anything baby girl related. :) And now that I am officially in my last trimester of pregnancy, I try not to go out as much so I mostly spend my time either sleeping, studying, eating, crocheting, & eating some more! So in the months of January & February, here’s what I made for my baby on the way! :)

It started with baby booties, then moved on to hats, then escalated into more shoes & sandals, then before I knew it I was making her dresses & even a diaper cover!

^These were the very first pair that I made for her. :)

^Then I moved on to these. I made these croc-inspired shoes in every color I could think of, in a newborn size, even though I’m pretty sure she won’t be able to wear all of these before she outgrows them. :) 

^After making 11 pairs of the same booties in different color, I wanted to move on to fancier shoes, girlier ones. I found the pattern to these shoes online at Etsy.com & they were worth it! I made them in a newborn size & 3-6 months old size so she can still wear them months after she’s born. 

^These are my fiance’s favorite! He says they look like ‘real shoes’. Ha ha!

^I think it’s safe to say that she has quite a collection! :)

^After making booties after booties, I wanted to try making her sandals (since she will be born during the summer) & this is what I came up with. My very first baby sandals patterns!

^I even made her a bracelet (with matching shoes) & a headband!

After all those shoes, I couldn’t make another one, so I made her two hats:

^The first one is a minion from ‘Despicable Me’ & the second one is a penguin! I made it bigger so that she can wear it during winter. =)

^Towards the end of my ‘all things baby girl’ phase, I made her two dresses & a diaper cover to match! <3

I know I went a little overboard with making her crocheted shoes, dresses, hats, etc but I’m just so excited! :)

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